How to manage your mental health during self-isolation.

How to manage your mental health during self-isolation is a question increasingly being asked. A period of isolation may well be a necessary measure for the public, but it could also be stressful for many and have a negative impact on people’s mental health.

During times of stress, pay attention to your own needs and feelings. Engage in healthy activities that you enjoy and find relaxing. Exercise regularly, keep regular sleep routines and eat healthy food. Keep things in perspective. Mix it up a bit – here are just a few suggestions other than TV and Box Sets (which are great, by the way!).

Establish a routine

estabishing a routine to help manage while self isolating

You should still get up and do as many of the things you would normally do as possible.

Get up at the same time you would get up, have a shower at the same time as always. Make sure you get dressed properly and don’t spend the day in your pyjamas. Regular meal times can also help you to structure your day.

Declutter your home

Look for clothes you haven’t worn in months (or longer!) and get rid of the ones you know you won’t be using again. You might even find some old favourites at the back of the wardrobe which you’ll love to wear again soon.

Cooking or Baking

Dig up some favourite recipes or find one of your favourite cook books.  Maybe try batch cooking. Simple one-pot dishes are great, and can provide several meals. Freeze whatever you don’t need right now, and before long you’ll have plenty to choose from.

Exercise / Keep Fit

exercising at home

“I’m too busy” isn’t really a great excuse now, so why not build an exercise routine into your day? If you don’t know where to start, there are loads of videos on YouTube. You don’t need fancy equipment. In fact when I Googled “exercises without equipment”, I was given 547 MILLION results! Staying physically fit can keep you mentally fit.

Stay in Touch

hBeing stuck inside can make you feel trapped. A great way how to manage your mental health during self-isolation is keep in contact with family and friends. Social Media can be a great way to do this. However, if you’re not keen on Social Media right now (maybe too much is being said about the virus), then try setting up video calls on your computer. You can then speak with whoever you choose – your friends and family face to face. Zoom is a great option for this as it is secure and free.

Read. Books, Magazines. Newspapers

reading at home to help manage self isolation

Digitally or in print. This is a great time to catch up on new releases or indulge in your favourite genre fiction. Reading expands your mind.


Whether you like reading, listening to (or writing) music or arts and crafts, this will give you the chance to reconnect. Maybe you haven’t played an instrument in years. Pick it up and see if you remember how to play it (but don’t forget about your neighbours who may also be stuck inside, self isolating).

For further advice and support while self-isolating or working from home, further information is available from Mind

NHS official guidance can be found here.

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