How Do I Become The Best Version of Me?

The Best Version of Me

Start from the beginning. “Little Victories”

You don’t just happen to stumble upon the best version of yourself. You need to start from the beginning and take a great number of small steps in order to become what you envision.

Launch your MBV “My Best Version” today. 

If you’re not happy with the current version of yourself, then the quickest way to solve the problem is to begin working towards the better version today. There is no “right time” to get started.

Recognize that the best version of yourself should be your vision, not anybody else’s. 

Don’t waste energy trying to live up to what somebody else wants you to be. Be this for yourself. From this will grow your self-esteem and self-confidence.

Ignore the social media scoreboard. 

People depict an extremely exaggerated version of life on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social platforms. We only share the good things, not the bad. So when you compare yourself to what you see on social media, you’re just hurting yourself.

Stop looking for a secret trick. 

There is no miraculous shortcut to the better version of yourself.

Celebrate the small wins.

Appreciate what you are doing in the present. This gives you the motivation to keep making strides towards your ultimate goal.

Stop Overthinking and getting into “Negative thought Patterns (a topic all of its own)

Try and spend at least a part of each day in an activity which shifts your attention away from thinking.

  1. The best such activity is meditation. This can be incredibly helpful.
  2. Other helpful activities are: Vigorous exercise or sport, cooking, music, or any other hobby to which you are committed and serves as a distraction.
  3. If you can’t stop thinking, chances are that some excessive anxiety, regret or ambition lies at the root. Then either meditation or honest introspection should help. The meaning of “self-knowledge” includes an understanding of where exactly the “drive to think” originates, deep within. 1-1 counselling could help get to the underlying issues and resolve the anxiety and in turn the over thinking and negative thought patterns.
Stop controlling things.

Think about the complete meaning of this sentence. Whenever you feel that you are overthinking something, you need to remind yourself to let go of control. To sit back, relax and let the chips fall wherever they may. This works like a charm, for me at least.

I repeat, this won’t work unless you take time to experiment and understand what it means to truly let go of control.

Don’t sweat the details. 

Just make sure that you’re moving in the right general direction. You probably don’t have the knowledge you need today to know the shortest path to your happiness five years from today. But you probably have some idea about how to move in the right direction. Take those steps.

Recognize the opportunity at hand. 

The Internet has fundamentally changed everything. Previously, knowledge was locked away in the minds of industry experts and in the pages of books that you needed to buy or check out from a library. But now, it’s easier than ever to learn new skills. This is essential to becoming the best version of yourself.


Translating your thoughts into the written word pushes you to think about the ideas in your head at a much deeper level.

Don’t count the hours. They don’t matter. 

Think about the last time you ran on a treadmill. If you looked down at the timer every few seconds, you probably didn’t enjoy your run. In turn, this made it far more difficult to run far. But what if you took the opposite approach? You plugged in your headphones, lost yourself in the music, and took it one stride at a time….while resisting any temptation to look at the timer at all. If you did this, you probably discovered that you enjoyed the run and made it pretty far. Counting hours will just slow you down from reaching your goal.

Accept help from other people. 

Don’t let your pride get in the way. Most successful people needed help along the way, too.

Stop pretending to know things you don’t know. 

You’ll never learn anything if you pretend you already know everything.  

Embrace failure. 

You can’t become the best version of yourself by playing it safe. Take yourself out of your comfort zone. Our biggest discoveries about ourselves can come from our greatest failures. It can be a gift.

Call your family. 

This is just the decent thing to do. But you can also learn lessons from your family that aren’t available through any Google search and aren’t accessible to pretty much anyone else in the world.

Exercise in the morning. 

Once I started doing this in the morning, I became far more focused and relaxed throughout the day.

Create a side project. 

Doing something productive outside of work that makes you happy helps you become a better version of yourself. So, whatever it is…an app, film, music, horse riding, whatever, .. doing it on your free nights and weekends. And who knows? It might just turn into a full-time job that you love.

Help other people become the best version of themselves. 

Helping others keeps you motivated on your own path, and you’ll find that the lasting connections you build from helping others will greatly benefit you moving forward.

It can be tempting to think about the best version of yourself as some intangible person in the future. You know, the one where you are:
  • More successful
  • Doing what you love
  • Existing as an overall happier person

You see your current self as the regular season, and you’re just waiting for the playoffs to start before giving it your all.

But if all you do is wait for the best version of yourself to happen, you’re forever going to be stuck with the current version.

So, how do you launch the best version of yourself? Start making progress today.

“Do It – NOW!!”


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